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  • LFECMR<br/>Electric Cutting System
  • LFECMR<br/>Electric Cutting System
  • LFECMR<br/>Electric Cutting System

Electric Cutting System

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Electric Cutting System

◢ Compatible rails with the manual cutting system. Two systems, One rail

◢ CE approved electric cutting machine, 1,500W, 230V/50Hz, 13,000RPM

◢ Suitable for cutting tiles size upto 3.2M

◢ Featured with 90degree and 45degree cutting

◢  Dry cutting with dust extractor hood and adaptor to the vacuum machine

◢  Max. Cutting depth 14mm

◢ Packed in plastic case and storage tool bag



1 x Premium cutting blade 125mm

1 x Edge cutting blade 125mm

4 x Plastic suction cup

2 x F clamp for fixing the rail

1 x Rubber adaptor



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