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Electric Handheld Mixer 1800W

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◢ Specially designed paddle for fast and effective mixing of viscous materials
◢ Motor housing is lightweight and impact resistant
◢ High-torque for powerful mixing
◢ Variable speed with soft startup
◢ Ergonomic handle helps reduce fatigue
◢ VDE plug and 3m cable
◢ Indicator light for overload & carbon brush changing alert
◢ Suitable for mixing cement, paints, tile adhesive, glue etc.


Voltage: 110V / 60HZ
Speed: 200-480RPM / 300-750RPM
Paddle: 140 x 600mmx M14
LpA 97 dB(A)
LwA 108 dB(A)
aw(Vibration) 5.5m/s2 K=1.5m/s2
Protection class II


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