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Automatic Electric Tile Cutter 1.2M

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◢ For straight and 45° cut, diagonal cut, bullnose edges etc
◢ Built with a water pump and laser line
◢ Folding legs with built-in wheels for transportion
◢ Max. cutting depth: 30mm
◢ Suitable for cutting ceramics, stoneware, porcelain and other materials
◢ 3.0M available

Art.No TCSA1200
Output 3000W
Voltage 230V/50Hz
Speed 12,000RPM
Cutting blade 120x20x1.3mm
Max.cutting blade 135x20x10mm
Max cutting depth 30mm
Max cutting angle 45°
Diagonal Cutting Length(cm) 850x 850
Cutting Length 1200mm(47-1/4")

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